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Everyone loves a Bear Hug. Send a smile and a warm hug to your loved one on this special occasion. Cute teddy bear holding clear case with 3 pink roses.
EGP800.00 EGP620.00
Celebrate a special occasion by sending warm bright sunny lilies to your loved ones. 6 yellow lilies in a clear glass vase.
EGP800.00 EGP660.00
A royal display of charming blooms bring romantic and sweet dreams to life. Beautiful arrangement of 2 Red Roses, 3 Spiders, 6 Chrysanthemums and 3 Anthuriums in a clear glass vase.
EGP818.30 EGP785.00
Send a message of Joy and happiness with this bright elegant bouquet of yellow and white lilies.
EGP830.00 EGP735.00
Express your love and romance with this lavish bouquet of Lilies. A perfect gift for someone you love.
Express your love and romance with this lavish bouquet of Mixed Roses. A perfect gift for someone you love.
EGP840.00 EGP760.00
This elegant mix of purple spider, lavender lilies and white tulips carefully arranged in clear vase wrapped in a pink ribbon will send a warm message of love and passion.
EGP850.00 EGP740.00
These attractive heart-shaped Anthurium (also known as Flamingo Flowers) send a message of happiness, love and passion. 3 red Anthurium flowers with white lilies in a red vase.
EGP851.30 EGP718.00
Show how much you appreciate someone through the refreshing charms of these simple, yet elegant mix of white roses, white spiders and yellow lilies wrapped in a natural fabric.
EGP860.00 EGP760.00
Simple yet elegant mix of 6 purple Tulips, 3 Amaryllis and 4 green spiders beautifully wrapped in a purple mesh. Send a royal message of love for a special someone.
EGP860.00 EGP750.00
The stuff that dreams are made of! This ethereal bouquet of purple and white spider flowers in a glass vase has a touch of vintage charm and timeless beauty.
EGP880.00 EGP795.00
A grand lavish bouquet of 7 Red Roses, 2 Anthuriums, 3 Tulips and 3 Purple Chrysanthemums; suitable for any occasion, a beautiful arrangement that will make a lasting impression of love and passion.
EGP884.00 EGP735.00

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