Send a beautiful bouquet in Greater Cairo to your beloved one

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Send a beautiful bouquet in Greater Cairo to your beloved one

Flowers are a joy to everyone. And if you want to bring more joy to the people you love and they are in Cairo, Greater Cairo, let us help you. We, at Flora Fairy, offer a wide selection of beautiful flowers, nicely arranged in colorful bouquets, in beautiful vases, tied with ribbons or arranged with teddy bears or chocolate. We try our best to put a smile on your friends, family, or business partners. We deliver for free all over Greater Cairo from anywhere in the world. You can place the order n our website, and choose between the next day delivery or set a date for your delivery and we take care of everything else.

We have special bouquets for all occasions. For the anniversary occasions, we have six different kinds of flower arrangements, all with their own names. The Purple Love arrangement is made up of six purple tulips, 3 amaryllis and 4 green spiders, wrapped in a purple mesh. It is a refined bouquet. Also, the Love of my Life bouquet has 7 roses, 2 anthuriums, 3 tulips and 3 purple chrysanthemums. Your recipient will be delighted at its sight. Love Forever is another beautiful arrangement which you may choose to offer to someone dear. It also has a teddy bear holding a heart and seven red roses. Another bouquet, called In My Heart is made up of red anthuriums, white orchids, white tulips and exotic greenery. It is an elegant arrangement which will definitely impress. Sweet Pink combines pink roses and white amaryllis in a clear vase that you can use for various occasions. And the River of Love bouquet is an exquisite one, made up of white roses, tulips, amaryllis and gerberas.

For the congratulations section, you may choose from the selection of bouquets we have arranged, such as Joy of Love, which combines red and white roses, anthuriums and a small teddy bear and chocolates on sticks, all beautifully arranged in a box to send a special message for you. Also, Rainbow of Love is an all-roses bouquet, carefully arranged in a clear vase, whereas Roses ‘N lilies makes a combination of that – roses and lilies. Lilies are also combined with nine purple roses and six white orchids in a fine arrangement called Good Fortune, wonderfully displayed in a pottery vase. The effect is magical. And the Magical House of Memories mixes red roses, lilies, chrysanthemums and anthuriums in an original wooden house to create a special effect. 

The Get well Soon section includes seven types of bouquets for you to choose from. The bouquets combine lilies, gerberas, spider flowers, chrysanthemums, which wait for an occasion to make somebody happy.

The Love and Romance section includes wonderful arrangements with red roses and teddy bears which you may choose to show or remind someone of your love. They are in different sizes and are carefully arranged. You may choose between Bear Hug, From My Heart, Together Forever and others.

The sympathy section includes two bouquets, both arranged in clear vases, one with white lilies and one which combines white tulips, spiders and amaryllis with greenery for a special effect.

And last but not least, we offer you the Thank You section, including a multitude of arrangements, combining red anthuriums, white and yellow lilies, red roses, pink roses and gerberas.

All the bouquets shall be accompanied by a note with your message. You only need to tell us the message you want to send and we will make sure it gets where it needs to. Almost all prices benefit from discounts, but the quality of the flowers delivered by us is the same.

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