Message Ideas


1- Happy birthday, sweetheart. I can't wait to be with you.
2- Wish you the best on your B Day. Enjoy your day.
3- So far away, I close my eyes I can see your face I can feel you breathe. Happy birthday my Love.
4- To our many years of friendship and fun. Happy birthday buddy!

Love and Romance:

1- You touched my heart with the softness in your smile. You gave me wings to fly. I can't wait to be with you.
2- I miss you so much, I am counting the days to see again to run into your arms to hold you and never let go again.
3- I love you, I love you more than anything in this world. My life is nothing without you.
4- In your eyes I saw my future in an instant, I knew you are the one I have been waiting for all my life. you are the love of my life.

Get Well:

1-Get well soon. Wish you a quick recovery.
2-Sorry to hear about your illness, hope you will get well soon.
3-Got the news, I wish I was by your side. Wish you a speedy recovery.
4-Hope everything is fine. I wish you health and happiness.

Thank you:

1-You made my day. Thank you Thank you thank you
2-I am grateful for everything you did, I am forever in debt for you.
3-You are the best! Thank you so much for being there for me.
4-I am touched with your generosity. I truly appreciate your support.


1-I am so blessed to have you in my life, happy anniversary my love.
2-Throughout the journey you have been always by my side, in good times and bad times. I am beyond grateful for all what you did my love.
3-I celebrate being with you every hour of every day, I wish I was with you on this special day. Happy anniversary sweetheart.
4-From a distance I look to the stars I close my eyes I can see your face I can feel you breathe I can feel your heart beat. Happy anniversary my love.


1-My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.
2-My deepest sympathy for the passing of your father.
3-My deepest condolences to you and your family during this time, my heart is with you.
4-I am very sad to hear the news about your father, I wish I was by your side in this difficult moment.
He will always be remembered for his kindness and generosity. My heart is with you.

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