Flower Care Guide


  • Keep bouquet cool before placing in a clean vase Using a sharp knife or shears, cut flower stems under water.
  • Fill flower vase with very warm water and flower preservative packet.
  • Remove leaves below water line to avoid bacteria.
  • Display at room temperature, checking water level daily.
  • Change water and add preservative every two days.


  • Make an angled cut under water, trimming 1 inch off site.
  • Place in lukewarm water adding 1/2 preservative packet.
  • Place flowers in clean vase.
  • Remove any bruised outer guard petals.
  • Remove leaves below water line.
  • Display in cool location, checking water levels daily.
  • Re-cut stems and add fresh water every two days.
  • Keep away from sunlight extreme heat or freezing.

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