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Flora Fairy

Company Service and description:
Whether you’re an Egyptian working in Saudi Arabia, studying in Europe or simply living abroad in Canada or the United states,
you know you are not always present to attend your family and friends  special occasions from wedding occasions, birthdays to a baby showers.
In the past, it was a hassle to make arrangements to send flowers to  your loved ones back home to celebrate the moment with them, but today with our society moving to the digital age it became more and more  common to shop online, pay online and track your order delivery.
In today's online driven economy, sending flowers to your loved ones on  Valentine's Day or on Mother's Day is just few clicks away from your  computer or mobile phone.
Established in 2017, Flora fairy provides a fast, easy, reliable and  secure way to send flowers to your loved ones in Egypt, featuring a wide  selection
of fresh hand-cut flower arrangements for every occasion whether it's a  wedding, Valentine's Day, Baby shower or simply a thank you thought.
Web:  www.florafairy.com   

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